National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)


Mission Statement: Lead our nation's efforts to combat terrorism at home and abroad by analyzing the threat, sharing that information with our partners, and integrating all instruments of national power to ensure unity of effort.


NCTC was created by Executive Order 13354, August 27, 2004, and codified by Congress in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. NCTC is the primary organization in the U.S. Government for integrating and analyzing all intelligence pertaining to terrorism and counterterrorism (CT) and for conducting strategic operational planning across all instruments of national power. The Director of NCTC reports to the President on joint counterterrorism operations, and to the Director of National Intelligence on the activities of its Directorate of Intelligence, and on budgetary and programmatic issues.

The NCTC is a full-time, multi-agency organization focused on collaboration. Analysts from more than 16 agencies and organizations work side-by-side, accessing foreign and domestic information from more than 30 networks in an unprecedented effort to uncover and disrupt terrorist plots that threaten the United States. Unique in the U.S. Government, NCTC provides a full-time interagency forum and process to plan, integrate, assign lead operational roles and responsibilities, and measure the effectiveness of strategic operational counterterrorism activities of the U.S. Government, applying all instruments of national power to the counterterrorism mission.

NCTC also creates tools for collaboration, such as NCTC Online (NOL), which is a classified electronic library of CT information that allows analysts to collaborate with their peers around the world. NCTC also established a 24-7 Operations Center to provide situational awareness of developing terrorist threats and related events. Three times a day, the Ops Center hosts a secure video teleconference to coordinate the CT community’s response to the latest terrorism-related intelligence. Co-located with the CIA and FBI Watch Centers, the NCTC Ops Center ensures continuous information sharing among U.S. agencies and with foreign partners.

It is the diversity of backgrounds and disciplines fused together in an integrated environment that enriches the NCTC analysis, provides alternative perspectives, and breaks down cultural and physical barriers. The Center provides a unique environment to optimize the USG's collective knowledge and capabilities to plan against, identify, and counter the terrorist threat to the nation. View video below for more about this topic.

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